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Bethlehem Palestine


Tel.: +1 212 458 300 32

Fax: +1 212 375 24 1

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Dar Al-Kalima adopts a modern non-traditional approach to learning and education. It does not believe in the “talk and chalk “approach, or the conventional system of grading, which does not provide a true and effective evaluation of the child. Instead Da Al-kalima School works diligently through various means, to provide the child with an opportunity to grasp and digest the material and apply the knowledge gained to real life situations, in order to build a comprehensive modern Palestinian society as well as a culture based on solid education fortified by critical and creative thinking.

The School is open to all children, regardless of sex, color, creed, religion and social standing. Inclusive education is provided to all children by meeting the individual and/or special needs of each.

This school calls for changes in various educational aspects especially in alternative evaluation strategies and doing its best to introduce modern teaching methods.

Dar Al-Kalima endeavors to remain opened to the outside world through modern communication channels. Fruitful cooperation among Palestinians and the outside world, as well as participating in peace and democracy related programs and projects are a priority.

The school believes in peaceful coexistence among all nations of the world, including harmony and tolerance among Palestinians, both Christians and Moslems, It works effectively to bring out and reinforce these concepts among the students through dialogue, lectures, morning prayers, school programs and events. Through the different programs it provide the school seeks to enhance these values in its students so that they become better citizens of Palestine and the world.

Principal’s Vision

My vision as principal is to create a new generation of open-minded leaders, educators, and critical thinkers in the community who can coexist with others. Through their belief in God, they will see the humanity in each other and look to each other as equals. I hope to encourage them to not leave the country, perhaps only for further education, but to stay or come back and positively impact other Palestinians. They can positively represent not only themselves, but also their nation. Good communication skills are necessary and I also hope to help them discover, explore, and develop their own talents in music, sports or debate. 



     The 5 C’s:

  1.  Creativity

  2. Communication

  3. Christianity

  4. Critical Thinking

  5. Commitment to our Palestinian Community