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Bethlehem Palestine


Tel.: +1 212 458 300 32

Fax: +1 212 375 24 1

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Dar Al Kalima School is an educational institute operating under the  umbrella of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The school aims at delivering an educated generation, which, through the utilization of competencies and life experiences, is capable of undertaking responsibilities, adapting to the surrounding environment, and dealing with current problems and issues.


Therefore, the school: 

  1.  takes into consideration the generation's needs, desires, and inclinations through the framework of the holistic approach which concentrates on mental, physical, psychological, spiritual, and social aspects and

  2.  reinforces these aspects through curricular and extra-curricular activities.


The school aspires to reinforce in the students a number of values: belongingness, peace, love and teamwork. It also encourages students self-learning and motivates them to be creative, innovative, and critical in their problem solving.


The school finally believes in adopting modern educational tools and in engaging modern technologies to achieve desired goals.