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Bethlehem Palestine


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  1. Develop wholesome, creative and innovative students through a holistic approach which addresses their needs and develops the talents, competencies, and inclinations of target groups, helping them to cope with an ever-changing world

  2. Integrate peace education/culture, reinforce democracy and encourage tolerance, co-existence, love, and respect towards others

  3. Strengthen the communication process and exchange with local and international communities

  4. Mold and reinforce the national and Christian-Palestinian identity

  5. Provide quality teaching and learning through innovative ways

  6. Create a healthy,  motivating, stimulating and nurturing school environment

  7. Cater for individual differences and assist in integrating students with special needs and/or disabilities within the school and the community

  8. Reinforce and support the role of women in the Palestinian society

  9. Practice financial responsibility