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Bethlehem Palestine


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Activity Type: Extra-Curricular
This activity will take place in Dar Al-Kalima Bethlehem at 06 February 2017

Dar Al-Kalima School offers a whole host of extra/co-curricular programs for our students. We offer sport; such as football, karate, table tennis, Frisbee, handball, volleyball, and basketball, all of which are available for both are male and female students. Other programs include chess, gymnastics, and swimming, Model UN and Mediation, which teaches conflict resolution. Students also participate in after school traditional dance club. In this time students learn and perform traditional Palestinian dance. There is also a modern dance club and ballet. After school students can also participate in music, such as guitar, oud, piano, and cello. With Brass for Peace, students learn various brass instruments, such as trumpet, tuba, French horn, and trombone, along with students from the other Lutheran schools in Bethlehem. They perform both nationally and internationally. Some new programs include the Olive Wood Club and Candle Making. Students are able to travel internationally with participation in some of our Arts programs. We provide these activities to create spaces for the students to explore their different interest and to enable them to succeed in their communities.