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Bethlehem Palestine


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Activity Type: Education
This activity will take place in Dar Al-Kalima Bethlehem at 26 March 2015

Inclusivity is best seen in our Academic support program. Currently our Academic support program has two full time teachers focusing on students between first and fifth grade. The subjects that are being focused on in our Academic Support program are Arabic and Math. We recognize that many students with special needs in these subject areas, often need more one on one time with educators, or time to concentrate on the tasks assigned. Our educators often spend some extra time going over material that is covered in the classroom, and providing worksheets and other tools and materials that will help students succeed in the classroom. Often, worksheets, quizzes, and examinations for our students in Academic support receive their materials in a larger font, as well as the material read to the students, to aid in the their ability to comprehend and succeed on their assignments. In its current state, the Academic Support program has seen much progress according to parents and teachers. Students in the programme are getting better marks on their graded material, and better scores on their exams. In some cases students are so successful they leave the program all together and return to their normal classrooms full time. Graduating students from the academic support program receive a note on their graduating certificate that shows their progress in the Academic Support program. Another positive note about our Academic Support program is that some of our teachers are taking a one-year course for special education. This will allow our teacher to support students with special needs. It is our hope for the continued development of this program.